Australia’s shortage of chef hits restaurant industry growth!

Published At: May 24, 2018

Being a chef is one of the highest-pressured jobs that there is. Cooking is a labor of love, it takes time and passion and you must hone skills for years.

The Problem

The problem is real shortage of skills. The lack of skilled chefs is a burning issue for a country gaining a reputation as a foodie hub. The importance of education is the industry's bloodline and a “massive” lack of education in most workplaces is part of the problem. The problem also lies with the lack of new, young, excited, bright-eyed kids entering the industry. They are there; there is just less of them. Australians are very fortunate because they have high wages in comparison to the US and UK, and enjoy the good life.

Restaurant openings are growing exponentially and getting the staff to keep up with it is a big problem. The number of cooks serving up tasty dishes might not be keeping up and they would just keep opening restaurants with no one to run them. However, they need to step the game up with training facilities if they could get more people who are interested in the industry.

It has really become an increasing battle not only to get young people to start an apprenticeship but to get them to complete their training once they've started. The industry is rapidly changing but the opportunities are endless. Hospitality is the biggest area where there is greatest jobs growth coming. There is a high demand for people with experience. This is a career where you can travel and have a great life.

Do you have a passion for cooking?

As a chef, it is so satisfying seeing the faces of your customers smiling and going on about how good their meal was, and you don’t even care about the heat, steam, fire and injuries.

Make your career in Australia! We, ENZ team, will surely help you to achieve your dreams and aspirations. We’ll also help Australia to solve their chef shortage together.

Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery and Diploma of Hospitality Management may be your tickets to a very rewarding career in Australia!


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