Scholarships await students at Victoria University this 2020

Published At: July 01, 2020

Victoria University (VU) in Sydney, Australia is a powerhouse of Business and IT courses that range from Diploma, to Undergraduate, and to Postgraduate degrees. If you have a knack for enterprise, technology, or even both and want to upgrade your knowledge and skills, then VU is the way to go. Not only does the school provide valuable courses, but also incredible savings for international students this 2020. 

-Diploma of Business (Enterprise)
-Diploma of Information Technology

-Bachelor of Business (Accounting)
-Bachelor of Business (Information Systems Management)
-Bachelor of Information Technology

-Masters of Applied Information Technology
-Master of Business (Accounting)
-Master of Business (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems)

IT courses are being marked down by 20%, while Business courses go lower at 25% which means you can save on tuition fee from AUD 1,984 up to AUD 3,075. Before applying, you must meet the following criteria:

1. The scholarship is available to all onshore and offshore students commencing study at VU Sydney from May 2020 intake onwards, up to December 2020.
2. The scholarship is available to all students who meet their programs’ entry requirements.
3. The scholarship will be applied when student has confirmed an 8-unit enrolment for the academic year 2020, or if less than 8 units are required then the total number of units required for completion.

Terms and Conditions
1. The scholarship will be made automatically available for students who enrol in a full time study load for the academic year 2020.
2. The credit will be made available prior to each of the following study periods.
3. The credit for a subsequent period of study will be made available via invoice issuance for each study period.
4. The credit from the scholarship can be used for tuition fees only – it is not transferable or made available in cash.
5. If a student withdraws from a subsequent period of study, the scholarship is null and void.
6. This scholarship cannot be taken in conjunction with any other scholarship or bursary awarded by VU Sydney.
7. The scholarship offer is liable to change per VU Sydney’s discretion and the decision of VU Sydney is final.
8. Tuition fees are subject to an annual increase each calendar year.
9. Slots are limited and available on a first come, first served basis.

Slots for the scholarship are limited and made available on a first come, first served basis. Since the scholarship is being offered to all probable students at VU Sydney, there might only be a few ones left. 

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