Spend as little as Php 200,000 when you study at Kent Institute!

Published At: August 16, 2019

For the coming weeks we will supply you with one fact: Kent Institute is a fusion of promising venture and academic excellence with an access to affordable and reasonable cost. We would argue less if we say that a student can spend as low as Php 200,000 (depending on the chosen course) with the following inclusions during application:

  • Application Fee & Processing Fee (No fees applied for Higher Education courses)
  • Tuition Fee (Initial Deposit)
  • Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Medical
  • Visa Fee

As the mighty Confucius makes us aware that education breeds confidence, Kent Institute sums up a hopeful endeavor that never in time shall be broken. Study at Kent because this academic institute is time-tested. As a team, they constantly remain as an epitome of a 30-year old veteran school that continually teaches local and international students with full-accredited courses and flexible intakes throughout the year. What’s more is their bargain-basement tuition fees furnished with scholarship and bursaries provided. Although this is a simple institution, it was then established for a discrete purpose on a remarkable site.

They do offer High Education courses accessible in their Sydney and Melbourne campuses while Vocational Education Training courses are offered in their Sydney campus only. The courses a student can enroll revolves primarily in the field of Business, Management, Accounting, Marketing and Information Technology.

To enter the said Programs, a qualified student must have been completed a successful 12-year qualification with an IELTS eligibility of 5.5 for VET courses and 6.0 for Higher Education courses.  In addition herein, 11-year completer applicants will toast for a celebration as Kent Institute now welcomes candidates who have finished an 11-year qualification to some of Kent Institute’s programs. This is a great opportunity to navigate dreams and transform challenges into chances.

When you talk about scholarships, Kent Institute gives more. One thing we’ve always want to be implanted in you is the motivation to apply to numerous scholarships you think you are eligible for. Thus, this is a worthy learning process to invest for. Take into account, however that these bursary slots are limited.

Kent Institute provides grants to international students applying for direct entry into Kent’s Bachelor degrees from eligible countries including PHILIPPINES. It is drafted to recognize dynamic and successful students with up to a 30% reduction in tuition fees for the duration of their course.

Graduates of Kent’s vocational courses are also entitled for the Alumni Bursary which awards students with a reduction on the tuition fees for each Unit of study in a new Bachelor Degree.

To know more about these, please visit their website at www.kent.edu.au/scholarships

You can always scout for different options and you can be more productive to earn your desired goals. Imagine who you could be if you start now.

As Dan Sullivan once noted, “The moment you have arrived is the perfect time to start out again.”


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