Study with a view in Canada – No English Test required!

Published At: July 02, 2019

Do you spend most of your waking hours on a daily commute to school and arrive at your empty apartment at midnight just to sleep for a few hours and get to repeat the same cycle the next morning? If city-living is turning out to be a bummer, maybe you need a bit of fresh air and possibly a change of landscape.

If you’re in for an adventure of a lifetime, what better way to start than packing your luggage as the Coast Mountain College in British Columbia is waving right at you! With a variety of courses that cater to the preference of diverse individuals from Canada and across the globe, Coast Mountain College is going to take you further from your classroom to the outdoors.

The catch? You will only have to live in one of Canada’s most vibrant and peaceful areas where you’ll get to be surrounded by nature from raging rivers to majestic mountain ranges which makes it a conducive place for earning your post-secondary education.

Here’s something you shouldn’t miss: Coast Mountain College is currently waiving the IELTS requirement for Bachelor holders in the Philippines. Yes, you don’t have to take the IELTS if you already have a college diploma! What’s more, is you only have to settle as little as Php 300,000 before flying into Canada!

Let us together embark on your first step towards exceptional education while being one with nature. Start your application by sending your resume at for FREE initial assessment!


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